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Soul-R Fusion is Tim Koehler (acoustic guitar / vocals) and Alex Goodell (fretless bass).  They started collaborating as a duo in 2015 and developed an original sound by blending diverse musical influences and unique approaches to their instruments and to songwriting.  Perhaps best described as modern bluesy-folk with a touch of singer-songwriter storytelling, Soul-R Fusion’s music highlights ethereal fretless basslines and rhythmic acoustic guitar, that together complement intelligent, heartfelt lyrics. 

Based in Wilmington N.C., the duo are focused on writing and performing their own original music.  Soul-R Fusion’s songs and live performances are uplifting, positive experiences that pull people in and make them feel good.  

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“An unusual duo” is how WHQR Public Radio Host George Scheibner described Soul-R Fusion during a Soup to Nuts Live radio show performance.  And with their similar configuration, he compared the duo to the guitar/vocals and bass duo Hot Tuna.  Scheibner also noted the influence of Jaco Pastorius in Alex’s melodic basslines. 

“…mostly acoustic, the music’s personality shares an amalgam of subtle flavors bubbling just under the surface – rock, bluegrass, soul, and funk.  The material is reflective and observational, led by Tim Koehler’s invitingly rustic timbre, a voice that seems to measure years with a cheerful outlook on things.”  - Brian Tucker, Star News

DJ Stylez of Planet Z Radio’s Under the Radar internet radio program compared Tim’s vocals to Tom Petty and Mark Knopfler. 

Clyde, host of the Old Still Radio Show Podcast, referred to Tim as an American Van Morrison.

“Soul-R Fusion’s sound is propelled by Koehler’s rhythm guitar, occasional harmonica and husky vocals, with Goodell’s fretless bass interplay throwing down licks and accenting passages." – John Staton, Star News


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Find a waySoul-R Fusion
00:00 / 04:14
The Devil That You KnowSoul-R Fusion
00:00 / 04:28
Slack Cat BluesSoul-R Fusion
00:00 / 04:44
SimpleSoul-R Fusion
00:00 / 05:04


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